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At Victor’s Pub, we are proud to be one of the most famous taverns in Camden, NJ. Our secret is simple: we treat each of our customers as part of our family. Read on to find out how our business came to be, and learn more about the people behind our success.

When we first opened the pub in March of 2007, we did not know what to expect. We did know we were taking a big risk in a city with many problems but with many promises. We loved the location, especially the view, which is priceless.

At first, we opened as a high-end restaurant, which we learned quickly was not what our new neighbors and friends wanted. So, we changed our menu and adapted to our clientele.

We have such a diverse clientele that we knew we had the challenge to please everyone. Our clientele is students coming in after classes to just chill, the local business employees and aquarium-goers coming in for lunch, and the typical after-work party meeting to just get together for happy hour. Then, you have the concertgoers who stop in before and after for a quick bite and drink.

We also book many parties for various events. The menu has a variety of food such as appetizers, sandwiches, salads, and dinners. Our customers can find something satisfying on the menu to go along with a nice beverage.

We have seen many businesses around us come and go, but we fought through the struggle to become a staple here and are still looking forward to a future on this beautiful waterfront of Camden.

We are not a corporation, but a family-owned business, which makes it a little more difficult. However, our family and loyal employees are helping make Victor’s Pub a successful business that plans to be around for a long time.


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